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On October 2nd, law students from around the province tuned in for A Day for Legal Aid. Watch the re-broadcast here.     Click to view full screen.   Keep the conversation going by commenting on our Facebook page and Twitter and tag #WNLA


Access to Justice – The Bill Good Show


CBABC President Dean Crawford discusses access to justice on CKNW’s The Bill Good Show. Click here for details.


An Agenda for Justice


The An Agenda for Justice platform outlines both short-term and long-term actions to increase the effectiveness of British Columbia’s justice system and improve the province’s laws.   Click here for details.


A summary report by the CBA Access to Justice Committee


The CBA Envisioning Equal Justice Initiative considers four systemic barriers that are blocking efforts to reach equal justice and proposes means to overcome them. Click here for details.


Province scores a C- on women’s equality


The 2012 CEDAW report card is out! Every year on October 18 – Persons Day – West Coast LEAF publishes a Report Card measuring BC’s compliance with the internationally protected human rights of women and girls enshrined in the UN Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).   The Convention requires states to [...]


Keep the Day for Legal Aid Conversation Going


Let’s keep the Day for Legal Aid conversation going – a number of the panellists from the Day for Legal Aid panel will take questions on the importance of the legal aid system in British Columbia on our Facebook page – submit yours and we will work on getting you an answer.   Please note: [...]


Livestream: A Day for Legal Aid


Join us here on Wednesday, September 26, at 12:30pm for a livestream of the Day for Legal Aid panel discussion. Send us your questions: send your questions and comments to @WeNeedLegalAid on Twitter or tag them with #WNLA. Livestream If you send us a question and it doesn’t get answered, stay tuned to our Facebook [...]


A Day for Legal Aid – September 26


The Canadian Bar Association B.C. Branch (CBABC) will host the annual A Day for Legal Aid event on September 26th at the University of Victoria, featuring a panel discussion on the importance of legal aid in British Columbia. This event marks the continuation of CBABC’s We Need Legal Aid campaign, launched in October 2011, which [...]


We are all connected. Law firms and community development.


Even our creative partners are proud of the work the CBABC is doing around Legal Aid. As part of a community development blog post professional services marketing group Skunkworks had the following to say about the We Need Legal Aid Campaign:   In a blog post about community development, we would be remiss not mention [...]


Go Long On Legal Aid Funding


Sharon Matthews, president of the CBABC,  was in Kamloops on March 29th to support a motion in support of legal aid being brought before the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce.  The resolution entitled “Go Long On Legal Aid Funding” was unanimously supported by the members of the Chamber.